When The World Goes Dark The Light Shines Brighter

by Ricky Chelette, Executive Director In recent months, LGBT activists and allies have made a concerted effort to silence the voice of LHM in the public arena. A campaign was launched by one individual and was quickly picked up by others who wrote over seventy articles on multiple continents that declared LHM to be a … Read More »

A Different Gospel

   Ricky Chelette, Executive Director The term “gospel” is thrown around a lot these days. In some ways, its familiarity has apparently diluted its true meaning. Once a noun that identified the life, teaching, and work of Jesus for the redemption of mankind, it has now become more an adjective to describe movements, attire, books, … Read More »

Finding Truth Amidst Contradictions

                  by Ricky Chelette, Executive Director   We live in a world so filled with contradictions that finding truth can seem challenging. People clamor for diversity but insist on ideological conformity. Others cry for inclusion but quickly exclude anyone not fully adherent to their feelings and thoughts. … Read More »

Celebration Fundraising Banquet Oct. 21

In a day when truth is a rare commodity, Living Hope Ministries has continued to stand strong on the Word of God and His truth to transform lives through the power of the Gospel. You are invited to attend our annual LHM Celebration Fundraising Banquet Park Cities Baptist Church 3933 Northwest Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75225 October … Read More »

LHM’s Retreats Help Participants Draw Near to God

Young Adult Retreat 2017 Each year Living Hope Ministries holds two retreats in the first quarter of the year. One is for our young adults, 18-26, and one for those 27+ and friends, family and spouses of those who struggle.  Our retreats seek to deepen each person’s walk with the Lord by taking time away from our … Read More »

Is All “Love”, Love?

I’m praying for Orlando, for those who have lost those they love, for those who are watching the response of each of us, and for those who are scared, frightened, and uncertain of what their tomorrows will hold. Real Love is with us and He has an answer. I pray we all find it.

Change is Happening!

The budding trees and the smells of flowers signal the arrival of spring. It is a new season and the plants which had been silently gaining strength over the winter months spring forth with new vigor and life. It’s a beautiful time of the year. I love the rhythm of life God has so beautifully designed … Read More »