Hope House

"But as for you, O man of God, flee these things. Pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, steadfastness, gentleness." 1Tim 6:11

The Hope House Discipleship Program is a one-year, live-in, highly accountable, discipleship experience for men ages 18-27 that seeks to help men grow in a deeper relationship with Christ. We seek to equip each participant with the tools to thrive in our world as faithful followers of Jesus. Our goal is to walk with participants as they boldly confront life's struggles, mature in their Christian journey, and prepare to be healthy members and leaders in their local church.

During the twelve months, we walk through six units of study to foster growth:

  • The Beauty of Becoming A Man of God: In this unit, we will explore the nature of biblical masculinity, the God-given responsibilities to which each man is equipped and called to embrace, and the diverse expression of that calling in each person's life.
  • Celebrating and Implementing the Spiritual Disciplines: We explore thirteen weeks studying the classical spiritual disciplines of the Christian faith that are crucial for abiding and thriving in Christ.
  • Combatting and Conquering Sexual Bondage: Equipped with an understanding of God’s vision for manhood and the spiritual disciplines, we proceed to address our sexual brokenness, a sin struggle common among most young adults.
  • Maturity in Managing your Money: One of the many ways we honor God is by managing the resources that He has entrusted to us in accordance with His Word. This unit specifically addresses the difficult topic of finances through the lens of scripture.
  • Discovering How God Shaped You for Ministry: While not all believers will end up in full-time, vocational ministry, scripture is clear that we are all called to serve the Lord. In this unit, we will discover and explore your unique giftings and discover ways you can maximize your joy by using those gifts to honor and serve God.
  • LIfe After Hope House - The Journey Begins: We end the year with a study to help prepare you for success in the future. We explore the formation and maintenance of proper boundaries, healthy friendships, appropriate personal and interpersonal expectations and developing appropriate coping skills. Our desire is to help equip you to thrive in the church and in life and to continue to grow spiritually.