Just a week before my girlfriend had dumped me.

That’s right—for years I lived as a lesbian. I believed I was born that way. This seemed like the hundredth failed relationship. I was at the end of my rope; couldn’t anyone love me? I just didn’t know how to do relationships!

Now I sat in a CPR class and I heard the instructor say that if he needed CPR and we were nearby, we should try the lifesaving techniques. But if they happened to fail, not to worry because he was going to heaven!

He had a sense of peace I’d never seen before. I knew that he knew he was going to heaven. But how could anyone know? So I waited for him after class and asked him, “How do you know you’re going to heaven?”

He said, “Because of Jesus.”

Oh no, I thought, another Jesus freak! So I quickly explained to him, “I’m a gay activist. I encourage people to embrace homosexuality, and we all know that you Christians hate us!”

“That’s not so,” he said. “I am a Christian and I don’t hate you. Anyone can come to Christ. Those people who preach hate are a little off. Christ didn’t come to preach hate.”

The CPR instructor said that he himself had been involved in adultery and he hadn’t changed right away. If Christ wanted someone like him, I thought, just maybe I’d be welcome too.

He told me, “If anyone is in Christ, he becomes a new creation.” I wanted a stable relationship with the woman of my dreams. I was sure that if God made me new I’d be able to get one.

I was overwhelmed with emotional need. So right there I fell to my knees and asked, “Jesus, please take all of me and make me new.”

Instantly I heard a voice. . . . It wasn’t human—but it thundered. It said, “YOU ARE NOT GAY!” I said, “WHAT?” But I knew I had heard from God’s heart.

From that day on the whole focus of my life changed. I used to be driven to find the woman of my dreams. Now, I’ve found the Man of my life. His name is Jesus Christ. He has captured my heart, a cold heart of stone that he continues to transform into a warm heart that feels. It is melting in His hands as He continues to make me into who He always meant me to be.

— Wendy O.