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Kelli McDaniel

Executive Ministry Assistant

Kelli’s journey with LHM began long before she knew of its existence. Her husband of 20 years, Stuart, served as a teacher in an 8th grade Bible Study class in their local church. Fast forward and several years later and miles away, they were reconnected with one of his former students who moved up to Arlington, where they now lived, to be a part of the Hope House discipleship program that LHM offers young men. Both Stuart and Kelli knew this was an opportunity to love and serve in a way that neither of them had much experience in before. They were immediately drawn to LHM’s vision, mission, and goal of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and finding identity and worth in Him. As they journeyed with and prayed for the young man they once knew as a young teen, they saw God’s faithfulness and power revealed in mighty ways and began to pray about more ways to be actively involved in the ministry, so when Kelli was  approached with an opportunity to join their staff, it didn’t take long before she jumped on board.

Kelli has a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies from Texas A&M University (Whoop!). She has had experience serving as a Children’s Ministry Intern at her home church, teaching 7th grade math in two different public schools, and being a stay-at-home mom for a season. In addition to serving with LHM, she also serves as the Youth Ministry Assistant at FBCA. She is the mother to nine beautiful children and in her spare time, she enjoys family dinners around the table, dance parties with her kids, reading, spending time with friends, going on dates with her husband, and laughing.