EP. 55 – Talking to Children About Sex

In this episode the HopeCast discuss the human anatomy and sex and how and when should you define sexuality to your children and the importance to do so. Sexuality is a beautiful representation of God’s design and creativity but in today’s sex saturated world there are many twisted views. That is why It is so important that your children understand sexuality and how God designed it to be.


1. This is a conversation we have to have.
2. Biblical Sexuality
3. What does the bible say?
4. Know what you Believe
5. Deal with own sexual past
6. Create an open environment where you kids can ask questions
7. Share own mistakes
8. Fears that may hold you back you
9. Questions to consider:

– Mom, Dad, What’s sex? – Joel Fitzpatrick & Jessica Thompson
– God likes sex – Dan Allender