Choosing Jesus: Choosing Righteousness – Josh’s Story

By Josh, 26 We often all have defining moments in our lives, instances or circumstances that often change us forever. I have had several of these moments in the last eight years. In 2011, I was a newly graduated high school student at a church camp with friends when God spoke to me clearly. He … Read More »

Amazing Love – Stephen’s Story

  by Stephen, 25 And can it be that I should gain an interest in the Saviors blood?! Amazing love! How can it be? That Thou my God shouldst die for me. I secretly wish that these lines would be the first words sung at every Christian gathering. I want to look around the room at … Read More »

Discovering My True Identity

  My name is Gerson. I’m 19, and a follower of Jesus Christ from Lima, Peru. And I struggle with same-sex attraction (SSA) Living Hope has helped me embrace God’s truth for my life. I still remember the sad day when I admitted I really was attracted to men. It dawned on me that I … Read More »

A Gospel-Centered Transformation

One young man’s story of transformation and healing through Jesus.

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Seeking Answers

by Colton, 24 The words of others can affect our lives in both positive and negative ways. From the lies spoken over me by the world to the truth I hear every week at Living Hope, words have greatly impacted my life.    I grew up in a very loving home and probably have the funniest … Read More »

You Cannot Serve Two Masters

by Wendy, 49 2001 was a watershed year for me. Long before that year, I felt that I was gay. In fact, for a long time I believed I’d been born gay. Sometime between 1999 to 2001 I read a Christian book that challenged my assumptions. Despite living in a lesbian relationship, I decided to … Read More »

You Can Be Known And Loved

I came out of the dark and told my Dad that I was same-sex attracted and that I was going to live out my life in accordance with that identity. I will never forget his words to me…

Testimonies from 2016 Retreats

The following excerpts are from participants from the 2016 retreats. These are their words about their experiences.  May God be glorified! The most impacting thing God taught me is y’all genuinely care. I was so touched by that, as well as the sense of family. I loved the teachings from 1 Peter. Particularly what it … Read More »

From Shame to Sharing

by Bonnie Scasta, Women’s Ministry Director I first came to Living Hope in the fall of 2009. I came because the issue of homosexuality is, for me, not just a cultural phenomenon seen on the news and on nearly every TV show. It is not just that thing that I know “other” people deal with, … Read More »