Trusting the Father

By Darrel Auvenshine 

There is none like the Lord; there is none beside You; there is no rock like our God.” – I Samuel 2:2 “

Perhaps at times we find it difficult to trust our heavenly Father. This is especially true in cases where our earthly fathers were not trustworthy. Maybe your father wasn’t present in your life, or maybe he was there, but didn’t connect with you.

One of the greatest obstacles between intimacy with the Father and us is our misperception of who God is. We view God many times through the lens with which we see our earthly fathers. So if our dad was compassionate, we would see God as compassionate. If our dad was demanding, we would also perceive God to be demanding.

Our earthly father’s weakness or brokenness does not change the truth that God is a trustworthy Father who desires to know His children. Our hope is to get to know God for who He is, not who we perceive Him to be based upon broken human relationship.

Was your earthly father trustworthy?

How have you found trusting God difficult?

Reflect on a time when God was tender with you, revealing a part of Himself to you.