He Picked Me!

by Ricky Chelette, Executive Director

Can you remember that time when teams were picked? A group gathered, “captains” were selected, and the process began. You stood, vulnerable and hopeful. Would they call your name? You prayed you weren’t the last pick, but last was better than not to be picked at all. In those brief moments, you believed your worth depended on the mention of your name.

Ephesians 2 is about being picked. Take a moment and read the chapter. It is a treasure-trove of rich, biblical theology that fills volumes of scholarly work too great for us to cover in this devotional. But within this passage, there are a few profound truths that fill my heart with wonder, gratitude, and praise for the ones who didn’t get picked. Maybe you are one too. Here’s what grabbed me:

  1. The truth is, I shouldn’t make the team. I’m wicked through and through (2:1-3). God sees it. He knows my sins, the obvious ones, and the hidden ones. He sees every sin, and He sees yours.
  1. God sees something in me that I don’t see in myself (4-10). I don’t have the skills, the perseverance, the determination, or the will, but that’s okay with Him. He’s initiating in me something I can’t even imagine, given from His heart, because of His great love.  It is a gift, not based on my labor but His amazing love. And He has a plan for me, a plan He made before I was even a thought, and He empowers me to accomplish it.
  1. God sees that I was outside the circle of the “chosen” (11-17) And rather than demand I prove my worth by performing, a request He knew would bring greater anxiety, He offered me peace (16-17).
  1. God chose me, called me near to Himself and to others of His family, and adopted me into His household – as a real part of His family – and He put His Spirit within me.

I can hardly get my mind around the work Christ had to do to pick me to be a part of His family, but the entire Bible gives testimony to His work of love.  The prophecies, the promises, and the pain of His crucified and then resurrected body, cause me to be overwhelmed with praise and gratitude!   My worth is not in the mouth of men, but in the choice of my Savior, Jesus Christ, who knows me and calls me His own.

Have you based your worth on man’s estimation of your abilities? Have you been striving to be good enough, holy enough, committed enough, or worthy enough?  You can’t do it. The Bible says we can’t earn our way into God’s family.  But if you believe in Him, you will hear His voice calling your name today.  When He picks you, will you follow?