PRIDE 2021: My Thoughts and Prayers

by Ricky Chelette, Executive Director


If you are anything like me, you are a bit tired of rainbows and unicorns (and BTW, how did unicorns get associated with LGBTQ+?). I hope you have been able to see past the beautiful images and bodies and into the faces, hearts, and lives of those impacted by this movement. So much of what is presented is carefully crafted to appear beautiful and happy.  However, the conversations I have had over the past two decades with thousands of individuals, paint a very different picture of their reality. Betrayal, loneliness, discrimination because you are not the person’s “type,” and feelings of being used and discarded are just a few of the things I repeatedly hear from those identifying as LGBTQIA+. It breaks my heart.

The LGBTQIA+ people are indeed beautiful, not because of their external features, but because they are image-bearers of God and individuals for whom Christ died.

As I see their faces and read their stories of love, I am continually reminded that so much of what drives their attractions and this movement is a deep need for genuine affirmation, attention, and affection. Their need is understandable.  We all desperately want to be known, loved, and heard. But our needs can easily be misplaced and misdirected towards people and things — both incapable of meeting our real needs.  We long for something immutable, stable, dependable, and transcendent.  We long for God even when we don’t know it.

I wish I could have real, honest conversations with so many in the LGBTQIA+ community who, like Esau, seem to be betting their futures to satisfy a singular hunger that will only arise again, in the next day or the next moment, and can never be satisfied in the arms of another human. God has promised us a place in the kingdom and an opportunity to become sons or daughters of the Most High God. Still, we settle for momentary feelings of imaginary connection and easily accessible orgasms. Humans are far too easily enticed and grossly underestimate the cost and consequences of our sin. May God forgive us and lead us all into righteousness.

I’m praying for each of you and the LGBTQIA+ community each day. I’m asking the Father to interrupt the lives of the LGBTQIA+ community with a vision of who they really are, the beauty of their created self, and the pleasures and joy available in His presence (Ps. 16:11). I am asking that they be surprised by love, real love, His agape love, that so captivates their hearts and touches their souls that they know it is real, true, satisfying, and sacrificing love worthy of whatever price is demanded. I’m praying that would be true for me and you as well.

None of us should wonder if God loves us or has answered our prayers for deliverance. He has. 2,000+ years ago on a cross:

He gave His life so that you and I might never have to wonder if we are loved.
He gave His life so that you and I can be free from the bondage of our desire for sin.
He gave His life so that we might have a life we could never earn and certainly don’t deserve. That is what Jesus has done for you and me. Do you believe it? I pray you do.

Let’s pray and share His truth with the world. Will you join me?