If Not You, Who?

by Ricky Chelette, Executive Director

Living Hope Ministries is a strange ministry, let’s be honest. When I did a career assessment in seminary, LHM was not one of the choices for one’s career path. In seminary, we didn’t talk about sex, well, at least not much, and no one I can remember talked about any kind of sex other than one man married to one woman for life.


However, the world we live in is filled with all manner of sexual and identity expressions that lie far outside the narrow reality of one man and one woman for life. How did we get here? What is the church to do? How do Christians respond? Can God really transform ALL of a person’s life?


Though it took me over a dozen years of church ministry to eventually find myself in the position of Executive Director of Living Hope Ministries, I always knew the gospel message was bigger than just a ticket into heaven. I knew it could radically change a person. I knew it because it had radically changed me.


Honestly, I didn’t want to do this work because I knew I would have to face my demons: abuse, bad choices, and sinful inclinations. I dealt with those things and longed to bury them in my past. God made it clear to me, if not you, who? God has a way of making our mess His message in our lives.


Today, I have the privilege to speak into the lives of people around the world with a message of hope and change through Christ. It’s not just academic or merely theological, but real, felt, experienced, and lived-out reality in me.


Not everyone believes the gospel can transform everything in your life. Many believe it is limited to certain aspects of your life. I, however, read a gospel that transformed Saul the church slayer to Paul the church planter. The power of the gospel has no limits.


You are reading this Enewsletter because you, too, have seen the gospel do amazing things in people’s lives. You believe the gospel can transform even the darkest sexual brokenness and bring wholeness and truth. Not everyone wants to support Living Hope. Not everyone believes in what we do. But you do.


We know this past year has been devastating to so many. We have lost friends, loved ones, seen businesses and churches close, and far too many Christians live in fear. We, too, have been impacted. All of our staff have contracted COVID at some point and praise God; He saw us all through. But the pandemic and the shift in the cultural current has significantly impacted support for the ministry. Though we have managed well, receipts are down nearly 30% over the past year. We know there are many non-profits worthy of your support, but who will support LHM if not you?


Will you prayerfully consider giving to Living Hope Ministries on North Texas Giving Day, Sept. 23? You can make an early donation now, so you don’t forget, and it will count for that day. We want to keep offering our services, support groups (in-person and online worldwide), mentoring, and teachings free of charge. But we cannot do that without your generous support.


One participant recently wrote me this note:

“I have been part of this AMAZING ministry for a couple of years now through the women’s online forum and through donations. I Love this place! LH place saved my marriage, ministry, and walk with God.”

Will you support the worldwide work of LHM? If not you, who?