Online Endorsements

I discovered LHM forums ‘by accident’ after discovering my boyfriend struggled with SSA. I had no idea where the journey would take me, but I found so much wisdom, kindness and support within the pages. So many of the people there knew exactly what I was going through-it got me through some incredibly dark days.”
– Zoe, 37, UK 

Sharing in the struggles and joys of my fellow forum folk is such a huge blessing to me.  Reading back over my own posts it’s so clear that God has used the forums to bring me closer to Him and to help me grow in maturity and integrity. The safe community, the Gospel focus, the relationships, the solid leadership, the accountability, and the accessibility are just some of the things that have really impacted me. The forums provide something I just don’t have in Australia and I’m so grateful.
– Culturedshock, 24, Australia

LHM has been pivotal to my healing from ‘heart’ wounds that have been buried for decades, giving me a new faith for freedom from the bondage of SSA. In 20+ yrs of confronting unwanted SSA, I could not find a resource as valuable as LHM is.. nor a place safe enough to get really honest. In 6 months, LHM has taught me more about Jesus, His Word, and especially His love than I would ever have thought possible or believable.
– Rhonda, 45, Alberta, Canada

I struggled in secret with SSA. I tried everything I could to rid myself of these feelings. My Christian family and friends only spoke of the abomination that homosexuality represented. At 53 I was at the end of my hope. Then a friend shared her story and told me about Living Hope. The compassion and unconditional love I receive from everyone opened my heart to deeper truth. They accepted me without ever condoning my sin. Hope has returned to me, but more importantly, I have a deeper relationship with Jesus. LHM didn’t just talk about the sin, but stresses the point that true freedom only comes through an intimate relationship with a loving and righteous God. I look forward to freedom in the light.
– Susan, 53, NW Arkansas

The forums have been a huge blessing to me by providing me with godly support and allowing me to look back and see God’s work in my life. Because of the Christ centered nature of the forums, along with the boundaries, I have been able to grow closer to Jesus. It’s such a blessing to watch my brothers and sisters overcome their struggles and grow in their faith.
– Becca, 18, Canada

The forums have really helped me because everyone on there is so nice and they also give me great advice, help and encourage me toward a better relationship with God. They are like a big family to me, and I feel like they really understand me. To all who are struggling with SSA I encourage you to join the forums because they will not reject you, but welcome you and take you as you are.
– Esther, 19, The Netherlands

Overcoming SSA is a long and complicated path given an extra dimension of confusion when your natural longing to confide in a partner is actually your problem. Who do you talk to? Where do you turn?  God has shown me so much love through the LHM forums and the awesome men and woman who post there. He has provided a sanctuary where I can confide in privacy among others who understand. It is a hub of love and wisdom and I would be utterly lost without it.
– Vee, 22, Australia

I live in an area of the world where people are still killed for being gay. It’s not something you talk about. The forums give me a safe environment to process my struggles that I can’t find anywhere else. There I found loving accountability and truth coupled with the healthy freedom to be honest. I can’t imagine my life without these people or this place.
AfricanNomad, 24, East Africa

Nicholas here…at 62 years of age and a part of LHM…there have been times I was totally isolated, friendless, churchless and in tears looking for Mr. or Mrs. Whoever to care enough just to lend an ear, but it did not happen… However, LHM was there and the cyber anonymous comments saved more than the day!
– Nicholas, 62, Virginia

I found LHM after living a double-life for some time… This has been a very difficult journey, but LHM has consistently pointed me towards Jesus, and they aren’t afraid to give us the hard truth even when it hurts. Their ultimate goal is to honour the Lord and to help me become the woman Jesus intended for me to be. I am so grateful for this ministry and especially for D’Ann. Her job is a difficult one, still, she speaks the truth without compromise and for this I am truly grateful.
– Linda, 51, Toronto, Canada

In 2004 I had an affair with a woman after having been married for 14 years. I thought I had gotten past this lifestyle, but have since realized I got married because I thought it was the right thing to do. LHM has helped heal the brokenness in my life, which in turn has helped me grow my relationship with God and my husband.
– 88keys, 45, USA

When I came to the LHM Forums I was ready to completely walk away from God and embrace the lesbian lifestyle again, after 13 years of struggling alone as a Christian trying to walk away from SSA. The forums have completely changed my life through teachings, support and prayers from everyone online and just having a place to be real and share my struggles with others who relate. I now want more than anything to know Jesus more.
– Cindy, 35, Canada 

The LHM forums have been a vital part of my healing process. This a safe community where I have been able to share, be encouraged and challenged to see things from God’s perspective.  Without the support of the LHM community I would have returned to the GLBT community and abandoned my relationship with God.
– Hope, 52, East TX