“Living Hope Ministries has been a huge asset and partner for The Village in walking individuals towards God and away from bondage. It has been an amazing benefit to take people impacted by the Biblical discipleship Living Hope offers, and then continue to teach them to walk in the light and freedom in Christ within our fellowship.

Historically the church has been passive or openly hostile towards homosexuality. The Living Hope conference has educated our lay persons, staff, elders, and strugglers of homosexuality about the hope and truth the Scriptures offer people.

Our partnership with Living Hope has created a desire within our church to not run away from the issue of homosexuality, but to engage with love, grace, and truth. This is what the church has lost sight of and the Living Hope conference seeks to equip people to address these issues.”
Matt Chandler, senior pastor and teaching pastor
The Village Church
Highland Village, Dallas, Denton, TX

Ricky Chelette has truly blessed us with his ability to speak on homosexuality with authority and clarity.  As one of the leading voices to the church on the topic of homosexuality,  Ricky does an outstanding job explaining the nature and origin of sexual struggles. He presents his message with excellence-teaching from scripture and pointing ultimately to the hope given us in Christ. He has addressed our crowd of over 2,000 young adults, and aided many of them in turning from the bondage of their struggles.  We have had him back and will do so every year, as long as he is willing.
Jonathan Pokluda, Director of Young Adults, “The Porch,” Watermark Community Church.

“We want to encourage you to consider how God can work through you and your church to reach men and women who struggle with homosexuality.”
Dr. Richard Land, President, Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission.

“Thousands of people long to be free from the struggle with homosexuality. God is looking for people who will reach out with His saving, healing love through Jesus Christ. We pray you will make yourself available.”
Dr. Jimmy Draper, Task Force Chairman, Former President and CEO, Lifeway Christian Resources

“Living Hope, Lasting Change offers churches a great opportunity to understand the unique challenges of ministry to homosexuals. Many men and women trapped in this lifestyle want out, but they don’t know where to turn. This conference will help church leadership and members to develop ministries that can help homosexuals leave their destructive lifestyles and find real, lasting peace through Christ. Living hope, lasting change–that’s what the church is all about. This conference can help churches extend that blessing to thousands of men and women looking for God’s help. I enthusiastically encourage you to attend.”
Barrett Duke, Ph.D., Vice President for Public Policy and Research The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, Southern Baptist Convention


Thank God for the Living Hope Lasting Change conference! Finally…some real answers.
What a tremendous blessing for our church to partner with Living Hope in bringing the message of hope, healing and Lasting Change to a hurting world.

I have found that as a result of this conference our church is able to discuss sensitive issues that had formerly been “swept under the carpet.”

When local churches wake up, stop trying to ignore the challenges of our generation and actually begin to wrestle with real life issues that are impacting individual lives, only then we will see God’s grace, and His healing come to families, friends, communities and ultimately to the body of Christ. Loving Christ by loving others!
Wow! This conference is First Class! I can’t wait to have Living Hope Lasting Change come back for another conference.
Ridge Adams, pastor
First Baptist Church
Dublin, TX

Living Hope is a wonderful partner for any church or any ministry. Their focus on Christ is constant, their love for the struggling is consistent, and their heart for the hurting is committed. I am thankful for a ministry to which I can refer those who struggle because I know their Bible-based program of help will honor the Lord and minister grace to the individual. The Living Hope/Lasting Change Conference we had here at Cleburne’s First Baptist Church was well-organized and made good use of the time. It met the need of information for those just learning about the ministry as well as the need for caring concern for those who are struggling. I heartily recommend the ministry of Living Hope!
Daniel E. Crosby, Ph. D., pastor , First Baptist Cleburne, TX.

“We had the great blessing and honor of having Pastor Ricky Chelette at our church, during  the Family Weekend Congress.  Pastor Ricky’s compassionate heart, word of wisdom, and scripture revelation, brought to the Church a powerful movement from the Holy Ghost.

His teaching and testimonies reflects in all means the anointing the Lord has poured over him, in order to effectively deliver the message of salvation and transformation that our world desperately needs.  Also, his conference with our church staff  opened our hearts and minds to be ready to work in discernment and grace.  God Bless Pastor Ricky and Living Hope Ministries, and we expect having him back in Puerto Rico, next year.”
Pastor Gerson Santiago
Iglesia Emmanuel
Arecibo,Puerto Rico 

I want to thank you for your ministry! Every day, I read one article. For 19 years, I felt alone with my homosexuality. Thanks for your support and help.                                                          Youth, 20, Barcelona, Spain.

“I finally got my son to sit and watch your video.  After his expressions of just wanting to be dead,  and because of all this, I insisted and begged.  We watched, listened and as it seemed to be a story written just for us, we became touched and began to understand the origin, then the why it had grown, and why it had developed to where it had become so intense.  Now we were in tears.

Yesterday, he DID NOT want change!  He WANTED to date guys and girls and come out! He hated his life. TODAY, he now has an understanding, and a hope and belief that change is possible through Christ and he is not alone and happy.  His spirit is alive for the first time in a long while. I pray it continues but he seems open.  I am encouraging him to talk with the teen boys going through what he too is experiencing on your forums.  I so admire you for what you are doing and taking your personal experience to rescue and save others. Thank you and God Bless!!!”                                                                                              Mother of a teenage son


“For me, the value of Living Hope is found in the warmth of empathy, the atmosphere of grace, and camaraderie in the struggle.  All these things – feeling understood, experiencing the kindness of God’s grace through others and knowing that I have companions on the journey –  motivate me to press on.  Our weekly meetings are like a real shot in the arm, and I thank God for his provision of Living Hope Bryan/College Station.  It’s an answer to many years of prayer.”

Fernando, Living Hope Bryan/College Station