From Boy to Man

by Chris, 26 LHM Youth

When I first signed up with Living Hope, I had just recently started my journey away from the gay lifestyle. This means I had read one book on same-gender attractions, was vaguely familiar with some of the reasons I struggled personally, and was dedicated to healing and change.

Soaring on the new freedom I had found in the truth about my identity in Christ and homosexuality in general, I thought joining Living Hope would be my chance to help other people. It wasn’t very long before I realized that it was me who was going to be helped.

As I walked out obedience to the scriptures, pursuing healthy relationships with God and other people, I faced new challenges and failed many times. Through it all—the mountain tops and valleys—the ministry of Living Hope has been my life-line. I would not be here today without all those who regularly pour into my life through this ministry.

The teenagers, parents—pastors, authors, teachers, homemakers—all have such unique perspectives and invaluable advice. They all challenge me to think about God on levels I have never before known. In the process, I have questioned doctrine, theology, my calling, life’s purpose, and God’s plan. Patiently the good people of Living Hope talk this all out with me and point me towards Jesus. That’s the amazing thing. This ministry is not necessarily about making our bodies feel or not feel something; it is really about maturity in our walks with the Lord Jesus. And this changes everything…our very lives.

In two years I have grown from an insecure, scared boy to a confident man who has direction and purpose. God has truly blessed me.