EP. 56 – Parents Dealing With Their Own Sexual Past

In this episode the HopeCast dive into the topic of sexual brokenness from a parent’s perspective and the importance to deal with it before it affects your children and your family.

Dealing with own sexual past and shame.
1. Be confessional with some you can trust (1 John 1:5-10 “walk in the light…”)
2. Get support – counselor, community
3. Get educated—find out what resources are out there to help you

Questions to consider:
What was your first sexual experience? What attitudes did you have about it?
Do you have any sexual secrets?
Were you sexually abused? Did anyone force or cohere you into any sexual acts?
Do you view your body as a good thing?
Do you view sexual feelings as God given and good in the right contexts?
How do you view sexual arousal? What impacts these feelings?