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I’m D_____. I’m 23 years old. I’m at university studying Vocal Music Education. Music has been my passion since I was literally three years old. I’d been singing at home since I was two or so and after that, I was hooked…especially on church music. Coming from a musical family, especially one that sings and … Read More »

Alienation by Attraction

by Ryan A stronghold exists in the dark recesses of a growing shadow. Veiled from light and truth, this fortress of a tireless and powerful enemy has entrenched itself, extending a foul reach that chokes out life and consumes all within the wake of it’s insatiable appetite. As a battle is waged before me, I … Read More »

Battling Homosexuality in High School

by  Cole From the jocks’ bullets of ridicule about being gay, to the grenades of pressure and acceptance of the gay lifestyle by the theatre kids, to the nuclear bomb of falling into temptation and everyone finding out by the cute gay guy in your school: I might as well have been fighting in the … Read More »

Sarah’s Marriage Story

by Sarah God has a plan — He always has a plan that He is working in creation. Sometimes it registers on our radars. Other times, He works on things and does not tell us what He is doing until He is finished and ready to share it with us. This is very much how … Read More »

Freedom is Real!

by Sarah I was raised in a Christian home. Looked pretty good from the outside as long as you didn’t know about my dads raging bi-polar disorder and my mothers broken sexuality.  I struggled with my sexuality and my identity all through my childhood and adolescence. I’m not sure I could’ve said, I’m attracted to … Read More »

D’Ann’s Road to Hope

by D’Ann Davis, Director of Women’s Ministry I grew up in a Christian home with great parents and an older and younger brother. I got saved when I was five and was raised with a firm foundation in Scripture. I was always in church and I grew up in a pretty legalistic setting. My family … Read More »

Joshua’s Marriage Story

by Joshua The journey to marriage has been an incredible one:   Jesus freed me from all the junk and false identities I had, and made me God’s man, His son, an Heir to Heaven, and trusted with the most precious of God’s creation:  woman . . . Sarah. If you know me, or have heard … Read More »

Jesus Will See Me Through

by LHM Youth, 25 I am so glad that my younger brother is getting married this week, and that he has found an amazing bride who shares his calling to walk with our Lord.  Of course, it may be interesting to some people that I have never dated anyone, and I don’t have any current … Read More »

Fathers and Sons

by Sod and Eric Several months ago Eric, my son who battles same sex attractions (SSA), couldn’t sleep. He got out of bed and decided to write down what he thought dads needed to do to help their sons that struggle with same gender attraction. So I sat down and wrote, from a father’s perspective, … Read More »