Audience: Women; Resource Type: Testimonies

Am I Done?

by Kelley I seem to always be looking for evidence that I’m finished with ALL the healing work the Lord wants to do in me because growth and change can be painful.  In order to assure myself I’m finished growing, I tend to look at life events as proof that I’m done (e.g. the number … Read More »

Sarah’s Marriage Story

by Sarah God has a plan — He always has a plan that He is working in creation. Sometimes it registers on our radars. Other times, He works on things and does not tell us what He is doing until He is finished and ready to share it with us. This is very much how … Read More »

Freedom is Real!

by Sarah I was raised in a Christian home. Looked pretty good from the outside as long as you didn’t know about my dads raging bi-polar disorder and my mothers broken sexuality.  I struggled with my sexuality and my identity all through my childhood and adolescence. I’m not sure I could’ve said, I’m attracted to … Read More »

D’Ann’s Road to Hope

by D’Ann Davis, Director of Women’s Ministry I grew up in a Christian home with great parents and an older and younger brother. I got saved when I was five and was raised with a firm foundation in Scripture. I was always in church and I grew up in a pretty legalistic setting. My family … Read More »