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Everything I Knew Was Gone: Would I Ever Find Joy Again?

by Crystal Three years ago, my life came crashing down. Everything I knew was destroyed and I thought I would never find joy again. I went through three years of despair‚Ķalone. The shame and confusion left me in bondage. Who could I tell? Who would understand? Who could see how hard my ex husband fought … Read More »

The Power of True Friendship

by Olivia My journey with Living Hope Ministry (LHM) began twelve years ago as I was praying for the ministry in my church’s intercessory prayer room. During that time I felt God urging me to become actively involved. My initial response was, Abba, you have got to be kidding. He wasn’t. I had no idea … Read More »

The Great Irony

By: “John” 33 LHM Member As I reflect on my experience over the last 20 or so years of walking out of homosexuality with the help of Living Hope Ministries and Exodus International, I couldn’t help but think how grateful I am for the sacrifices of the people of this ministry. They have put their … Read More »

Fathers and Sons

by Sod and Eric Several months ago Eric, my son who battles same sex attractions (SSA), couldn’t sleep. He got out of bed and decided to write down what he thought dads needed to do to help their sons that struggle with same gender attraction. So I sat down and wrote, from a father’s perspective, … Read More »