Audience: Men; Resource Type: Testimonies

Brent and Holly – Testimony

Personal testimony of Brent, a pastor, and his wife Holly. Click below to download audio or click play button to listen to the audio now. Audio Download  

Michael CR – Testimony

Personal testimony of Michael’s struggle with same gender attractions. Click below to download audio or click play button to listen to the audio now Audio Download

Sod – Testimony

  Sod, a father of a youth with same gender attractions, shares his personal testimony of walking with his son and restoring their relationship as they walk together in victory. Click below to download audio or click play button to listen to the audio now Audio Download


My name is Randy. I am a 55-year-old male. Up until September 28, 2003, I was living a full homosexual lifestyle, and had been for the last 21 years of my life. I had a homosexual partner who died of AIDS on September 25, 2003. That experience brought me face to face with my own … Read More »

Confronted with Truth at LHM Retreat

by Paul I learned of Living Hope just three short months ago when I decided I would change my life — once and for all. I was growing weary of my sin which tormented me daily. More so, I was tiring of the fight to keep my head up when my downtrodden soul so desperately … Read More »


I am moderator of the online men’s forums at Living Hope. Many of the men forum have read my story and have offered tremendous support and encouragement over the past two years that I have been a participant in Haven. I offer my story again, not only for other readers, but also as a basis … Read More »

How Jesus Restored the Arts in Me

by Luke You think if a wound goes real deep that the healin can feel just as bad as what caused it?  -Percy, The Spitfire Grill This quote is from a play about redemption and believing the Truth about yourself, rather than the lies of man.  It resonates with me because for years Ive believed … Read More »

From Boy to Man

by Chris, 26 LHM Youth When I first signed up with Living Hope, I had just recently started my journey away from the gay lifestyle. This means I had read one book on same-gender attractions, was vaguely familiar with some of the reasons I struggled personally, and was dedicated to healing and change. Soaring on … Read More »

Finding More Healing the Second Time Around

by Ken, 55 At 55, I realize that my longing to overcome homosexuality began when I was about 10, 45 years ago. I used to beg Him to move the desires into one hand and then cut off the hand so I would be rid of them.  I used to dream of waking in His … Read More »


I’m D_____. I’m 23 years old. I’m at university studying Vocal Music Education. Music has been my passion since I was literally three years old. I’d been singing at home since I was two or so and after that, I was hooked…especially on church music. Coming from a musical family, especially one that sings and … Read More »