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The Greatest Sin: My Sin

by Amanda, 24 Homosexuality. That was a word that was never uttered in my family or church growing up. That was the ultimate sin. The forbidden fruit. The sin they kick you out of church for. I’ll never forget my reaction to the first time someone asking me if I was a lesbian. People had … Read More »

Stagnant Waters: Malina’s Story

by Malina (21) Stagnant water.  That’s the only way I could describe my life. Stagnant water. Stagnant water that sits there collecting debris, being poisoned by acid rain, trampled on by careless feet, and never moving. Never curving or winding or branching off. I was no river, but a little puddle of stagnant water content … Read More »

Perfect Loves Drives Out Fear

by Brandon , Men’s Group I struggle with same sex attraction.  We all have many triggers, but in the last five years I have learned that fear is one of my biggest ones.  I did not understand the significance of fear until 2004 when I shared my struggle with my best friend.  He shared a … Read More »

Brent and Holly – Testimony

Personal testimony of Brent, a pastor, and his wife Holly. Click below to download audio or click play button to listen to the audio now. Audio Download  

Sod – Testimony

  Sod, a father of a youth with same gender attractions, shares his personal testimony of walking with his son and restoring their relationship as they walk together in victory. Click below to download audio or click play button to listen to the audio now Audio Download


Just a week before my girlfriend had dumped me. That’s right—for years I lived as a lesbian. I believed I was born that way. This seemed like the hundredth failed relationship. I was at the end of my rope; couldn’t anyone love me? I just didn’t know how to do relationships! Now I sat in … Read More »

Lessons Learned, Lessons Lived

by Former LHM Youth, Now Youth Pastor That moment won’t be fading anytime soon. Like an odor that lingers on the air long after the source is removed, or like a stain left on a shirt after many wash cycles, the memory of sitting on my bed wondering, “What did I just do?” will continue … Read More »