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To Fathers: Words Matter

­­ by Ricky Chelette He was clearly old enough to be my grandfather. The gray hair and the deep lines of his face spoke volumes about the journey of his life. He was an unassuming but sturdy man, someone you wouldn’t necessarily notice in a crowd.  His eyes, deep set and dark, hid the memories … Read More »

Stagnant Waters: Malina’s Story

by Malina (21) Stagnant water.  That’s the only way I could describe my life. Stagnant water. Stagnant water that sits there collecting debris, being poisoned by acid rain, trampled on by careless feet, and never moving. Never curving or winding or branching off. I was no river, but a little puddle of stagnant water content … Read More »

Growing Up

by Ricky Chelette Becoming an adult isn’t easy.  In fact, it is one of the hardest changes everyone goes through.  For those who struggle with same gender attraction it is particularly difficult because there were legitimate needs that were unmet during our maturation process. Those needs weren’t always kept from us or hidden from us, … Read More »

A Real Woman? Defining Biblical Femininity

by D’Ann Davis, Director of Women’s Ministry, Living Hope Ministries   Femininity is a word that has varying definitions in our culture today.  From television shows to music to denominational differences, we see innumerable views on what makes a woman a woman.  Why is it important to define femininity?  Primarily it is important so that … Read More »

From Boy to Boyd

by Boyd, 27 I’m going start today where I’m going to finish and that’s with a few quotes. These quotes are not my own and, in fact, anything you read from me today that sounds cool and catchy came from somewhere else. Probably Sy Rogers… or Ricky… or Julie… This first one comes from Sheila … Read More »

Tornado to Triumph

by Samuel I was a sophomore in high school and ready to end it all. I never had the guts to actually think the word suicide, but I had prayed enough times for God end this struggle with no answer that death would have been preferable. I was too scared to talk to my parents … Read More »

Battling Homosexuality in High School

by  Cole From the jocks’ bullets of ridicule about being gay, to the grenades of pressure and acceptance of the gay lifestyle by the theatre kids, to the nuclear bomb of falling into temptation and everyone finding out by the cute gay guy in your school: I might as well have been fighting in the … Read More »

Helping Sons Grow into Gender-Healthy Boys

by Online Forum Participants A Discussion in the community forum Hope Cafe In response to Sue’s question of what to tell mothers to help their sons develop into gender-healthy boys, insight from a variety of people: Oh, great wise one, you ask us grasshoppers for advice? Have you gone mad my good lady? I hesitate … Read More »

Answers to Questions Most Asked by Youth in Recovery

by LHM Board by LHM Board 1. Where does homosexuality come from? The truth is no one really knows exactly where homosexuality comes from and science has proven little as to sexual orientation. However, after almost 25 years walking with individuals who struggle with unwanted same gender attractions, we have discovered a number of recurring … Read More »

Choose This Moment

by Julie I woke up with a hangover one cold winter morning when I was 19 years old.  I was absolutely miserable.  I hit the snooze button too many times and ended up rolling out of bed too late to make it to class. By that point, I couldn’t fall back asleep so I put on … Read More »