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From Leader to Liar… to Love

by Sarah, 31 My first event with Living Hope was the banquet in 2012. At the banquet I heard the stories of men and women whose testimonies were not too different from my own.  Stories of terrible pain and abuse – wrongs that should never be done to any of God’s children.  Stories of rebellion … Read More »

It’s Not About Me – In Their Own Words

By Samuel All it takes is a cursory glance at our world to notice that everything seems centered around getting people to worry about themselves. From multi-million dollar media campaigns to the songs sung in our churches, the message is that my personal preferences are of the highest priority and seeking after those things are … Read More »

A Place of Victory

by Nicky, women’s ministry participant Over time it developed into a severe addiction. Having been exposed to pornography by the time I went off to college, I began to question my sexual identity. While I had always found guys attractive, and I had avoided looking at women sexually or even being attracted to them, I … Read More »

Into My Africa

by Christena, 23 Three years ago I was sitting in a Living Hope banquet, flipping through one of these magazines, trying to stay focused on getting home to my girlfriend so we could go out to the bar. She did my hair that night. I remember how ironic all of it felt. I sat there … Read More »

Gay, Witch, Biblical Languages Student

My name is Samuel; I am 24 years old and I have the pleasure to serve as Ricky’s assistant in the office. I have been a part of Living Hope for going on 9 years now starting 600 miles away as just another part of the online web forums. I would like to start tonight … Read More »

Facts vs. Truth – my story

What we believe about facts; about time, mass, gravity, genetics, medicine, you name it, depend on believing what we THINK are facts about physics, and biology and medicine. But just because something is a FACT or a ‘law’ doesn’t make it TRUE. Only Jesus holds all of the Truth cards and they are in the Bible.

The Greatest Sin: My Sin

by Amanda, 24 Homosexuality. That was a word that was never uttered in my family or church growing up. That was the ultimate sin. The forbidden fruit. The sin they kick you out of church for. I’ll never forget my reaction to the first time someone asking me if I was a lesbian. People had … Read More »

Stagnant Waters: Malina’s Story

by Malina (21) Stagnant water.  That’s the only way I could describe my life. Stagnant water. Stagnant water that sits there collecting debris, being poisoned by acid rain, trampled on by careless feet, and never moving. Never curving or winding or branching off. I was no river, but a little puddle of stagnant water content … Read More »

Perfect Loves Drives Out Fear

by Brandon , Men’s Group I struggle with same sex attraction.  We all have many triggers, but in the last five years I have learned that fear is one of my biggest ones.  I did not understand the significance of fear until 2004 when I shared my struggle with my best friend.  He shared a … Read More »

Patty – Testimony

Patty’s personal testimony of a mother of a daughter who has same gender attraction while dealing with her own sexual and relational brokenness. Click below to download audio or click play button to listen to the audio now Audio Download