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A Real Woman? Defining Biblical Femininity

by D’Ann Davis, Director of Women’s Ministry, Living Hope Ministries   Femininity is a word that has varying definitions in our culture today.  From television shows to music to denominational differences, we see innumerable views on what makes a woman a woman.  Why is it important to define femininity?  Primarily it is important so that … Read More »

Sarah’s Marriage Story

by Sarah God has a plan — He always has a plan that He is working in creation. Sometimes it registers on our radars. Other times, He works on things and does not tell us what He is doing until He is finished and ready to share it with us. This is very much how … Read More »

A Word from the Director of Women’s Ministry

by D’Ann Davis, Director of Women’s Ministry 2009 It is so exciting to see what the Lord has been doing in the Women’s Ministry at Living Hope!  He has been so faithful to consistently bring women to us who are seeking to know Him more and to walk away from the bondage that has entangled … Read More »

Freedom is Real!

by Sarah I was raised in a Christian home. Looked pretty good from the outside as long as you didn’t know about my dads raging bi-polar disorder and my mothers broken sexuality.  I struggled with my sexuality and my identity all through my childhood and adolescence. I’m not sure I could’ve said, I’m attracted to … Read More »

D’Ann’s Road to Hope

by D’Ann Davis, Director of Women’s Ministry I grew up in a Christian home with great parents and an older and younger brother. I got saved when I was five and was raised with a firm foundation in Scripture. I was always in church and I grew up in a pretty legalistic setting. My family … Read More »

Help! My Wife Struggles

by D’Ann Davis, Director of Women’s Ministry I have received several inquiries lately regarding how a man should love his wife who struggles with same sex attraction and whether or not her persistent struggle reflects on a husband’s adequacy as a spouse. This is a great question and one I would like to address. So, … Read More »

Keys to Recovery from Same-Sex Attractions

by: LHM Board [Note: while we are confident that the following list is accurate, we are aware that it can be overwhelming. It would be like handing a newborn baby a list of all the things he will have to learn in the next five years: everything from learning to turn over, learning to walk, … Read More »

What Does Healing Look Like?

by Ricky Chelette, Executive Director What does real healing look like? That is a question I often get from those who journey through our ministry or from those who wonder what exactly we do at Living Hope Ministries.  The simple word “healing” seems to bring about all kinds of preconceived ideas and expectations.  I think … Read More »

The Child Within

by Ricky Chelette, Executive Director   If you have been around here for a while or if you have seen me personally in any setting for any length of time, you know that I generally talk to you about the inner, emotional child. It is apparent to me that much of the healing that must be … Read More »

Resisting the Blessings

by Ricky Chelette, Executive Director Why is it that many of us simply resist the blessings of God? I often ask myself this question in my own life as well as in the lives of people who struggle with same gender attractions. We are generally above average men and women who are incredibly gifted and … Read More »