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Brent and Holly – Testimony

Personal testimony of Brent, a pastor, and his wife Holly. Click below to download audio or click play button to listen to the audio now. Audio Download  

Sod – Testimony

  Sod, a father of a youth with same gender attractions, shares his personal testimony of walking with his son and restoring their relationship as they walk together in victory. Click below to download audio or click play button to listen to the audio now Audio Download


My testimony is 24 years long in knowing Jesus Christ as my savior and Lord. I have had great times of miraculous workings of Him and very dry times and hard times of getting to know the why of many things. I was born three months premature and spent two months of my life in … Read More »

Everything I Knew Was Gone: Would I Ever Find Joy Again?

by Crystal Three years ago, my life came crashing down. Everything I knew was destroyed and I thought I would never find joy again. I went through three years of despair…alone. The shame and confusion left me in bondage. Who could I tell? Who would understand? Who could see how hard my ex husband fought … Read More »

Charlene S.

I experienced my first big loss when my parents divorced when I was about 4 years old. Life did not get any better as my new stepfather began to sexually abuse me and my two brothers and two sisters. Over the years I watched many times as he beat them but did not know until … Read More »

Am I Done?

by Kelley I seem to always be looking for evidence that I’m finished with ALL the healing work the Lord wants to do in me because growth and change can be painful.  In order to assure myself I’m finished growing, I tend to look at life events as proof that I’m done (e.g. the number … Read More »