Hope Partners

Our world is changing. The church is wrestling with the issue of homosexuality and how to respond redemptively. Youth are struggling with understanding their sexual choices in a world where boundaries and roles have been replaced by permissiveness and sexual ambiguity.

Living Hope Ministries (LHM) is anchored in God’s truth to effectively minister to a sexually confused world. We know the Gospel is transformational. Every day we see real change taking place across the world. You can help as we share grace and truth to those seeking real answers to difficult questions of sexuality.

As a Hope Partner…

Your monthly gift will help reach:

  • 7,500+ youth, parents, men, and women in over 75 countries around the world
  • 150+ per month, youth, parents, men and women who attend weekly support group meetings
  • Thousands of youth, parents, men, women, pastors and church leaders who attend seminars, trainings, sermons or teachings around the United States and abroad
  • 1,000+ hours of free, pastoral counseling for youth, families, men and women
  • Tens of thousands of people through the resources, testimonies, audio teachings, articles, and information at www.livehope.org

You will receive:

  • A copy of “Why?: Understanding Homosexuality and Gender Identity in males” DVD  by LHM Executive Director, Ricky Chelette
  • Our  e-Newsletter

Who is Living Hope Ministries?

Living Hope Ministries is a non-profit, non-denominational, 501(c)3 organization whose purpose is to proclaim God’s truth as we journey together with those who are seeking sexual and relational wholeness through a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. We provide in-person support groups, one-on-one pastoral counseling and mentoring, free online support forums, and education and training for the church and community. LHM proclaims a Christ-centered, Biblical world-view of sexual expression rooted in one man and one woman in a committed, monogamous, heterosexual marriage for life. Anything less than this ideal, falls short of God’s best for humanity.

Founded in 1989, LHM has developed into a world-wide ministry and outreach to those seeking sexual and relational wholeness and a pioneer in the areas of online support ministry and youth work. LHM provides support, education, and help for:

  • Youth
  • Friends and Family
  • Men (single and married)
  • Women (single and married)
  • Wives of men who struggle with same gender attractions
  • Churches, pastors, and leaders