The local church is the biblical place of healing and restoration for the world. At Living Hope, our desire is to support churches and their leaders. Through personalized training we desire to equip churches and leaders to better understand those in their churches and communities who are dealing with issues of sexuality and relational brokenness. We seek to educate ministers and church leaders with the tools necessary to create a safer place for Christians to be vulnerable.  Creating an environment that embodies grace and truth, we are freed to grow and heal.

Churches must be safe places who will love, support, and walk with those who are struggling with identity and relational issues, as they move toward Christ. We strongly encourage LHM participants to become purposefully engaged in their local church community. LHM speaks in large and small churches around the world. Contact us about speaking in your church or doing educational seminars to more fully understand this issue, or to help parents develop healthy gender identity in their children. Find out how your church can become a church partner with LHM.