LHM and the New Normal

Many of you have asked how we are doing and what we are doing amid the COVID-19 pandemic. We are all doing well, and more importantly, we are continuing to minister to hundreds of people in the US and abroad while seeking innovative and creative ways to further God’s message of hope and freedom through Christ. Here’s what’s happening:

Support groups:  Though we cannot meet in person because of restrictions, we have moved all our locations of support (Arlington, Denton, and Houston) to online meetings via zoom. We have had incredible attendance and participation, complete with large-group teachings followed by small group interaction, prayer, and accountability. Our directors have done an incredible job of maintaining contact with our participants. Our small group leaders have continued to engage participants in our small group meetings. We even gained a few new members who have joined us for the first time through zoom, as well as some previously involved participants who have rejoined us as they have moved out of the DFW, Houston, or Denton areas and could no longer attend in person.

One-on-one mentoring: We have continued to talk with, text, and zoom-meet with individuals desiring our input and care as they navigate this new reality and deal with the pressures of social distancing, isolation, financial, and job stressors.

Speaking engagements:  Though most of our speaking engagements have canceled for the foreseeable future, Ricky was able to do an online seminar for the Colson Center for Christian Worldview on Responding to Cultures Brokenness. Viewed online by hundreds of people throughout the US and abroad, this seminar will have a long-lasting impact.

New Resource: Ricky Chelette, our Executive Director, wrote and illustrated a devotional coloring book, A Sacred Pause, that is available for free by download at our website. Each coloring illustration is based on a scripture passage(s) with a corresponding devotional and personal application. Get your copy today!

Weekly Prayer:  Bonnie Scasta, our Women’s Ministry Director, has hosted a weekly virtual zoom prayer meeting for our members to pray together and connect at the beginning of each week. Participants from across the country pray for our world, the pandemic, and one another.

HopeCast our PodCast:  Though our staff is physically separated, we continue to produce a weekly podcast. Each week we address current topics of interest to help those dealing with same-sex attraction, or their families and loved ones, cope with various life situations they may be facing. Check out our podcast on any of your podcast services or directly on our website – livehope.org/podcast.

Online Support Forums: Although many are new to online support, LHM has been doing online support groups via our online forums since 1998! These private, moderated, confidential, FREE, open 24/7 forums continue to be a powerful tool for ministry with over 9,000 participants in 170+ countries around the world. You can make application at livehope.org/forums.

Hope House: We continue to mentor young men in our highly accountable discipleship home for young men seeking freedom and growth into manhood. Daily accountability, weekly in-house bible study, and mentoring are just some of the things they experience at the house while they maintain outside jobs, attend school, or both.

This ministry is only possible because of YOUR generosity! This ministry has impacted many of YOU. Others of you believe in our mission. Through your generosity and prayers, we can offer hope to many. Thank you for your faithful and generous support. Your donations are saving lives and impacting the Kingdom for His glory!