Celebrating 25 Years of the Gospel’s Transforming Power!

This year, Living Hope Ministries celebrates 25 years of walking with people and families who are seeking sexual and relational wholeness through a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. In that quarter century we have seen thousands upon thousands of lives transformed and changed.  We have seen families reunited and reconciled, marriages saved, and men and women embracing their created uniqueness as gender-whole people.

 We have seen miracles: lives saved physically and spiritually, babies born, families formed, and lives refined and honed by the transformational power of the Gospel.  Despite the demise of some national organizations and a cultural shift to approve same sex relationships, God continues to move powerfully through Living Hope Ministries.

 Today, we are stronger than we have ever been as a ministry.  Our annual celebration/ fundraiser banquet has consistently sold out with 500 in attendance for the past two years.  We have raised more money this past year than ever in the history of LHM.  In just two months, between North Texas Giving Day and the banquet, you donated $140,000 to help us help those seeking sexual and relational wholeness.  We have moved my ministry assistant, Samuel Parrish, to full time and also made him our Young Men’s Ministry Director. We have added Chris, as our part-time Director of Media and Communications, and Bonnie, as Ministry Assistant for Women’s Ministry.  Our Denton, Texas satellite continues to grow and we are planning to launch two new satellites in the spring of 2015: one in Friendswood, Texas and one in Charleston, South Carolina.  We published another beautiful magazine filled with amazing stories of transformation and hope, and we launched an LHM App to further help those seeking sexual and relational wholeness through Christ.  We could not have accomplished any of this without YOU!  God is so good!

But the year has not been without its difficulties.  We had to suspend our Bryan/College Station satellite because our Director, Brock, was stricken with leukemia (though he is presently in remission and doing well – praise God!).  Because we won a category for most unique givers from 6p – 12p on North Texas Giving Day, we were awarded $5,000.  That was great news to us, but one pro-gay activist decided LHM was a hate organization because we uphold a traditional, orthodox view of sexuality.  He contacted the foundation that gave the award, and the award was promptly withdrawn without them ever actually talking with us to discover what it was that LHM actually does.  Additionally, four articles appeared with gross misrepresentations of LHM’s ministry, three directly related to the award prize.  One of the articles was picked up by a national online publication.  But God has used each difficulty to strengthen the ministry, broaden our reach, and allow others who might never hear about us to learn of the hope and help we offer.  Indeed what the devil intended for evil, God intended for good. 

As you read amazing stories like that of Kevin, or those in the magazine, know that this transformation happens not because we have a great method for helping people, or because we have some wonderful program for recovery, accountability, or help, but because we believe the Gospel, when embraced, actually transforms people’s lives.  The Gospel is THE message LHM shares with everyone who has ears to hear.  We believe the work of Christ on the cross and the power that raised Him from the dead is the only hope for humanity to live and flourish as God designed.

We ask that you continue to pray for LHM and financially support the work we are doing to proclaim God’s truth as lives are transformed and hearts are made new in Christ!  We simply cannot do it without YOU!  In a day when to even suggest that the only expression of Biblical sexuality is that between a man and a woman, married and committed to each other for life, is to be perceived as speaking something utterly hateful and bigoted, we need your support. We also ask that you let people know that LHM is here ready to help those who are conflicted, their friends and family, and the church as each seeks to navigate these confusing times while maintaining both grace and truth.  We would be honored to speak to your church or organization. We would love for your church to partner with LHM.  We would be humbled and blessed to help your congregation be a truly loving and transformational church.

Thank you for your support, prayers, and encouragement.  God is good and He is faithful to do that which man thinks is impossible!

For the praise of His Glorious Name,

Ricky Chelette
Executive Director