Bryan/College Station Satellite Growing

God is doing great things at the Bryan/College Station satellite that started in February.  We have added new people almost every week since we started, and many of those have come as references from local churches that are excited about partnering with Living Hope in BCS.  It’s so exciting to see the great work the Lord has begun in the men and women who come regularly, and many are seeing real victories over sexual temptation and are seeing in fresh ways how they can live out their true identities as sons and daughters of God rather than believing the lies the Enemy has spoken to them for years.

Kyle first contacted me after hitting a new low in life.  He was weary from living a double life, and he didn’t know where else to turn, so he contacted a local pastor whose church has been an invaluable partner in launching the ministry in BCS.  A week later, as we sat and talked, it was clear he was desperate to see change in his life but did not know where to start.  To watch the change that the Spirit has done in Kyle in a few short months is unbelievably faith building!  He is regularly reading the Scriptures and participating with a local church.  He is seeing how he has put his identity in his academic and job performance, and he’s working to submit those things to the Lord.  God providentially closed all other job opportunities and provided employment in the DFW area, where he can be a part of the ministry in Arlington and has already reached out to a church in the area.  It’s been a privilege to help lay the groundwork for Kyle to orient the trajectory of his adult life towards Jesus, and Living Hope has been a formative part of that process.

Like Kyle, many of the participants at Living Hope in BCS will only be with us for a short time.  In fact, we’re losing many of our people either for the summer or as they graduate from college.  Please pray that, as Francis Thompson expressed it, the “Hound of Heaven” will continue to pursue the men and women that leave us and will keep their souls forever his.  Please also pray that as new people join us, our core group that is still with us will be able to maintain and grow the sense of safety, care, and gospel-centeredness that has marked our first few months.  We’re so excited about all that the Lord is doing in Bryan/College Station through Living Hope!

Brock Faulkner,  PhD, is the Director of Hope BCS, and an elder at his church.